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Notice: The personal information you provide to us is secure and is collected with the sole purpose of assessing your potential for immigration to Canada under the current Canadian immigration selection criteria. We will only respond to you in regard to your Canada Immigration evaluation. Please consult our Privacy policy for complete details.

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Immigration Assessment: This assessment is for professionals and skilled trades with at least one year of continuous work experience.
Work Permit Assessment: This assessment is for everyone who wants to work in Canada.
Business Assessment: This category is for managers and business owners with high net worth, and requires an investment in Canada.
Family Sponsorship: This category is for citizens and permanent residents of Canada who want to sponsor a close family member.
Student Permit Assessment: This assessment is for everyone who wants to study in Canada.
Refugee Business/Self Employment Assessment: This assessment is for refugee or self-employment in Canada.

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You may schedule a telephone consultation in order to finalize your immigration strategy, seek clarification on particular points related to your situation and the Canadian Immigration process, or if you just want to discuss your qualifications and options under the various Canadian Immigration programs. In turn we will provide you with up to date information and tailored advice. A $100.00 Consultation Fee applies to all Consultations. Book Now

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