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LMO/HRSDC Work Permit Confirmation

A foreign national usually needs his/her Employer to obtain an LMO (Labor Market Opinion) from HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) in order to work in Canada unless they are work permit exempted or are eligible for an open work permit.

HRSDC/Service Canada ensures that job opportunities are protected for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents. Canadian employers can hire foreign workers when it will not negatively affect employment of Canadians and Permanent Residents, or when there are significant benefits to the recruitment of a foreign worker.

There are certain guidelines that HRSDC follow in the process of approving Canadian employer to hire a foreign worker. The employer must demonstrate that:

  • A job offer itself is bonafide and not designed to be inaccessible to Canadians/permanent residents
  • Wages and a working condition offered are sufficient to attract and retain Canadians or permanent residents in employment
  • An employer has made reasonable efforts to hire or train Canadians or permanent residents for an employment in request. Usually an employer can extend a job offer to a foreign worker after establishing that Canadians and permanent residents are not readily available. An employer can provide evidence to support either one of the two following conditions:
  • Reasonable efforts were made to recruit and train qualified Canadians or permanent residents for employment
  • Foreign worker possesses a combination of skills and experience not readily available in Canada.
  • The employment of the foreign worker is critical for the company to maximize its human resources in creating or maintaining jobs and/or transferring specialized knowledge and skills to the company's labor force.

New TFW Rules Announced Friday, June 20, 2014

This afternoon the Employment and Immigration ministers, Jason Kenney and Chris Alexander, announced significant reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Highlights of the changes include:

  • Separation of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (work permit subject to labour market assessment) and the International Mobility Programs (all other work permits)
  • Replacement of the Labour Market Opinion process with a more rigorous Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Publication of the names of employers approved under the TFW Program
  • Linking the number of TFWs an employer can hire to the unemployment rate – Effective immediately, a maximum of 30% of a worksite’s employees can be low-wage foreign workers, and will drop to 20% in July 2015, and to 10% by July 2016
  • Higher wage thresholds for TFWs – requiring that they be paid more than Canadian workers
  • Expanded audit powers for Service Canada, the agency that administers the program and severe penalties to employers who break the rules
  • Limiting the number of years some TFWs can remain in Canada from total of four to two years
  • Requirement to re-apply annually for approval to hire low-wage TFWs, instead of every two years
  • LMO fee going up from $275 to $1000 per application
  • Lifting the moratorium on hiring TFWs in the food-services sector
  • Enhanced labour market data collection
  • Increasing the number and scope of employer inspections

Here is a link to the announcement: http://news.gc.ca/web/article-en.do?mthd=tp&crtr.page=1&nid=859859&crtr.tp1D=1

We will continue to post updates as further details become available


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