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Why do I need an authorized, licensed and insured representative?

You are presumed to know the law, but the chances are you won’t know every factor that may affect your case. You may think that you did everything right until you get a negative decision from Canadian authorities. One small mistake with your case could have been fatal to your success. You may even not have made any mistakes and prepared your case accurately, but just because you have done that doesn’t mean the strategy you’ve chosen was intact with your particular situation, and thus the negative result. Sometimes even if the chosen strategy is intact with your particular situation, you may not realize that there are other options for you, that may bring you and your family to Canada much quicker and cost less money.

These are just some examples as to why you want to seek a qualified licensed and insured professional to represent your case in front of Canadian authorities. A positive result is derived from the combination of proper strategy, an eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of Immigration law. At Orr, Newcombe and Associates we will do just that. You may rest assured as we are licensed and insured professionals.


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You may schedule a telephone consultation in order to finalize your immigration strategy, seek clarification on particular points related to your situation and the Canadian Immigration process, or if you just want to discuss your qualifications and options under the various Canadian Immigration programs. In turn we will provide you with up to date information and tailored advice. A $100.00 Consultation Fee applies to all Consultations. Book Now

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