Our Services

When Retaining our Firm to represent your interests before Citizenship and Immigration Canada, your responsibility as our Client will be to provide us with two things:

  • Information we need in order to qualify you for Immigration
  • Supporting Documents a list of which we will provide you with

When we have evaluated your situation and you are ready to proceed with your case, we will forward you a detailed Retainer Agreement, which will outline in detail the following:

  • Our responsibility to you(in detail)
  • The fee for our services and the fee schedule
  • Your responsibility to Globe Immigration as our Client
  • Confidentiality Clause
  • Our Credentials

Once you Retain us, Globe Immigration will be dealing directly with Canadian Immigration Officials on your behalf. Your case will be prepared for submission according to the current Canadian Immigration Regulations. We will liaise with the relevant officials within the prescribed Immigration time frames and resolve any queries after your Application has been lodged.

 Please Note: A properly prepared package will keep your application on track with the processing times applicable to your specific case. We strive to exceed the expectations of the Visa Offices in order to make their jobs as easy as possible for the quickest approval. 

Each mistake that is made on the Application will delay the processing of your File or could have much more serious consequences like cause for misrepresentation, which would deem you inadmissible to Canada. 


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8 Advise you on settlement in Canada
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