Immigration Process
For all cases that we undertake, we will do the following:


  • Evaluate you and assess your qualifications, obtain all the information about you, concerning your immigration matters.


  • Review this information with regard to current Canadian Immigration Law and Regulations.


  • Compile and complete all necessary documentation to support the Application, including the prescribed forms, supporting documents and any other such material deemed appropriate.


  • Prepare a detailed Submission to be included with your Application and be responsible to lodge the entire Application and the supporting material, with Canadian Immigration Office responsible for processing such Applications.


  • Liaise with the relevant officials, within prescribed Immigration time frames, to discuss and to resolve any queries after your Application has been lodged.


  • Attend to any matter expeditiously. 


  • Assist you with regard to the preparation for any interviews granted to you in consideration of your Application.


  • Make representations on your behalf to Immigration Canada.