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If you want to visit Canada most likely you will need a visitors visa to enter. There are however a number of countries, citizens of which do not require a visitors visa to enter Canada. For example if you are from the United States, you will not require a visa, but if you live in the Philippines or Russia, or Zimbabwe, the citizens of these countries must obtain a visitors visa to enter Canada.

The reason you may want to retain our firm to assist you in obtaining a visitor’s visa, is because unlike thousands of applicants every day trying to come to Canada, who only after spending all day in line at the embassy find out that their application has been rejected., you want to make sure yours doesn’t.

The visa officers don’t make decisions based on their feelings or wants, they have been trained and must follow the law.

The Federal Court of Canada says that  officers who refuse temporary visas must have a reason to conclude that a person seeking a visa to Canada may break Canada’s immigration laws:

[13]           There must be an objective reason to question the motivation of the applicant.  It is inconsistent with the purpose and object of the statutory and regulatory scheme authorizing temporary work visas to rely on the very factor that would induce someone to come to Canada in the first place as the basis for keeping them out.  The scheme itself is predicated on the assumption that people will come to Canada to seek work in order to better their economic situation.  It is for this reason that decisions of this Court have consistently held that economic reasons to overstay will not, in and of themselves, support a refusal; Cao v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2010 FC 941 (CanLII), per Justice Martineau J; Khatoon v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2008 FC 276 (CanLII), per Justice Temblay-Lamer; Dhanoa v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2009 FC 729 (CanLII), per Justice Harrington; and Rengasamy v Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2009 FC 1229 (CanLII), per Justice O’Reilly.

Kindie v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2011 FC 850 (CanLII), paras 13

We know the law and exactly what the visa officers consider when making a decision to grant you approval. We will prepare a persuasive legal submission and present it to the visa officer along with all the necessary documents that you will provide us with, to leave the embassy no choice, but to make a favourable decision.

Remember the Officers may think that you don’t know the law, but they know we do.


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