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Live-in Caregiver

Live-in caregivers provide child care, senior support care, or care of the disabled in private households. Once live-in caregivers complete a two-year work contract with a Canadian employer, they can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The requirements to be a live-in caregiver are:

  • Have completed six months of full-time training in a classroom setting or have completed one year of full-time paid employment (including at least six months of continuous employment with one employer) within the three years as a live-in caregiver, immediately before a live-in caregiver submits an application for a work permit
  •  Applied for a work permit as a live-in caregiver before entering Canada
  • Have successfully completed the equivalent of secondary/high school in Canada (12 years of full-time equivalent education)
  • Have the ability to speak, read, and listen to English or French at a level sufficient to communicate effectively
  • Have an employment contract with a future employer

We have helped many Live-in caregivers to find suitable Canadian employers. Before making arrangements we make sure to screen both the employer and the employee to make sure they qualify under the Act.

In order to hire a Live-in caregiver an employer first must obtain a HRSDC confirmation and comply with all the requirements under the provincial regulations, which include:

  • Providing an adequate living space for the Live in caregiver
  • Comply with Provincial wage requirements
  • Allow two week paid vacation for every year worked  

Please complete our free assessment form, or contact our office if you would like to become the next Canadian Live-in caregiver.


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