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Refugees and Protected Persons

Globe Immigration welcomes asylum seekers and refugees. We understand that trust, confidence and patience are essential to any consultant-client relationship, but this especially true for those seeking safety. Here we are committed to helping clients find peace of mind even in the darkest of circumstances.

Canada has been historically providing asylum for those people in need of protection. There are three types of Refugees as defined in the IRPA.

Convention Refugees - People who are outside of their country or habitual residence and have a well founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, political opinion, nationality or being a member of a particular social group.

Country of Asylum class - The country of asylum class includes people who are outside of their country of citizenship or habitual residence and who have been and continue to be seriously and personally affected by civil war, armed conflict, or a massive violation of human rights.

Source country class - this class includes people who would meet the definition of Conventional refugee, but who are still in their country of citizenship or habitual residence. This class also includes people who suffer serious deprivations of the right of freedom of expression, the right of dissent or the right to engage in trade union activity and who have been detained or imprisoned as a consequence.

If your fear is based on prosecution for a political opinion, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or membership in a specific group and under the Convention against torture and unusual treatment and punishment, you may be granted a status of Refugee in Canada.

Claims for protection are assessed on the base of their merits. Usually the nature of the claim is presented by way of written submissions and later heard at the Refugee Hearing with the Presiding Board Member of the IRB. It is very important to include all the relevant information and facts to your case and present it according to the IRB Rules.

Globe Immigration will assist you to prepare your PIF and represent you at your hearing in a professional manner. We will present all the available evidence that are relevant to your case as merits are only given to relevant information. Many times refugee claimant think that they provide relevant information to the immigration officials, only to learn later that their case has been rejected on the basis that they do not fit any of the definitions of refugee. We have the knowledge and will present your case in front of the IRB when the time comes. We may have to call on witnesses and collect material evidence in order to prove your case to be legitimate.




Pre-Removal Risk Assessment gives person who may be exposed to compelling personal risk if removed the opportunity to apply to remain in Canada. A PRRA removal is conducted immediately before removal. It is normally a paper based review, but an oral hearing is required in some circumstances.

Applicants facing removal receive formal notification that they may apply for the PRRA. They have 15 days to apply. It is the last resort for someone to convince Canadian authorities that they will face great danger if denied asylum in Canada. Part of our practice is focused on PRRA applications. We compose your written plea and submit it to the proper authorities for review. We will also represent you at the hearing and fight for your case using all available methods to achieve a successful outcome. Remember we are trained and insured professionals.


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