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Most foreign students are required to obtain a Student Permit prior to arrival to Canada and engaging into a course of studies with Canadian educational institutions. Globe Immigration handle all types of applications for Student Permits in Canada. We will assist you in choosing educational institution most fit for your needs and help you get admitted. We strategically plan your future to enable you to obtain Permanent Residence after your studies, if you so desire. A degree or diploma from Canadian educational institutions is instantly recognized around the world as being of the highest standard.

It is important to note, that the duration of the intended study in Canada will determine the type of visa you will be issued . In some cases you do not need a study permit. For example if you intend to study in Canada for less than 6 month, although you may need a Temporary Visitors Visa. In case you intend to study in Canada for a period longer then 6 months, you may seek a Study Permit, which, may be extended at a later date. Our firm will prepare the application for Student Permit and ensure that you provide Canadian Immigration officials with all the information and documentation, necessary for the favorable decision of your application.

Cross-Country Comparison of Tuition and Living Costs for International Students

Living Costs for International Students



Tuition Fees*

Living Costs**

Total Costs





United Kingdom




United States (public)




United States (private)








France (public)




*For average undergraduate academic year
**For average academic year
Source: Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada





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