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We help workers to obtain Work Permits quickly and easily. Work Permits can be obtained in just a few weeks or months. 

In order to qualify for a Work Permit in Canada, an employer must first offer you a job. The offer of employment needs to be validated or approved by the HRSDC. There are certain categories of employment, where individuals are exempt from obtaining HRSDC validation on the job offer.

Globe Immigration handles all types of Applications for Work Permit and obtaining a Labour Market Opinion from HRSDC. We will carry out every stage of your case starting from defining a strategy for your case, finding a National Occupation Classification most suitable in your specific situation, preparing and submitting applications to Human Resources and Development Canada and further to Canadian Visa Mission. We will advise you on all other issues and answers all of your questions that may arise in the course of working with your case.




Schedule a Phone Consultation

You may schedule a telephone consultation in order to finalize your immigration strategy, seek clarification on particular points related to your situation and the Canadian Immigration process, or if you just want to discuss your qualifications and options under the various Canadian Immigration programs. In turn we will provide you with up to date information and tailored advice. A $100.00 Consultation Fee applies to all Consultations. Book Now

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