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Status Review of Immigration File (CAIPS)

If you already have an application in process at a Visa Office outside of Canada, and would like to obtain detailed information about the current status of your application, you may wish to obtain a copy of your CAIPS Report.

What is CAIPS?

When processing visa applications, Canadian Visa Offices use an electronic system to gather and update applicants information, as well as to make notes on the status of an applications progress. The system that is used for this purpose is called CAIPS, which is short for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. CAIPS is not the same as the "e-Client service" offered on the Immigration Department's website, which only provides very limited information on the status of your application.

What Information is included in your CAIPS file?

In addition to recording all of the information that you provided with your application, your CAIPS file will also contain notes entered by the Visa Officers who have reviewed your file, which often include such things as which documents remain outstanding, as well as when your application is set to be reviewed. At the present time, this is the only method available of determining when your application is set to be reviewed by the Visa Office. Your CAIPS report will often include the following information:

Status of your case and required or missing documents

When your application will be formally assessed

Immigration officer's assessment of your case (points calculations)

Immigration officer's notes

Program assistant's notes

Details of the processing stages passed

Questions you may be asked in the interview (if an interview is required)

Why should I obtain my CAIPS report?

You are not required to obtain a copy of your CAIPS report. However, there are times in which having access to your CAIPS notes will prove very useful.  

If you have been invited to attend an interview (this will help you prepare for the interview)

If you feel that your application is taking much longer than usual or you have not heard anything from the visa office for a long time

The date on which your application is set to be reviewed.

If you have any question regarding the application or you are just curious about the status of your application

Please contact our office if you require your CAIPS record and we will be glad to assist you.


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