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Second Opinion Will Only Help Your Case

This service is designed for everyone who wants to make sure that their case is being handled properly and with due diligence and that all the options and resources have been put forward to advance the best of your interests. More and more people who understand the importance of immigration issues rely on us to provide them with feedback on their current files that are being handled by other firms. We are trusted, licensed and fully insured professionals.

We make sure to stay up to date with the Immigration laws, rules and procedures. Whether you are preparing your case yourself or already have a representative, by engaging our firm for a second opinion Globe Immigration will provide a comprehensive, thorough and honest assessment and prepare a written submission to you along with our recommendations on the status of your case.

We will review the facts and the laws applicable to those facts as well as the strategy being applied. We will dig into the details and point out the issues and challenges presented by the case so you can be sure the current strategy that has been recommended, properly addresses those issues. You do not have to ask your representative for anything we will do all the work for you as long as we get your permission.

Along with our written report you will get up to a half hour of consultation to ask questions and discuss your options, whether by phone or in person.

 We are never afraid to acknowledge good legal representation performed by other firms. Therefore, this service is not meant to undermine the work being performed by those existing firms. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; it’s meant to supplement and validate the work being performed on your behalf. We understand clearly what our role is when we perform a second opinion review. We want you to have the best chance of getting your case approved, regardless of the firm you use.


Schedule a Phone Consultation

You may schedule a telephone consultation in order to finalize your immigration strategy, seek clarification on particular points related to your situation and the Canadian Immigration process, or if you just want to discuss your qualifications and options under the various Canadian Immigration programs. In turn we will provide you with up to date information and tailored advice. A $100.00 Consultation Fee applies to all Consultations. Book Now

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