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Admissibility Hearings

The Immigration Division conducts Admissibility Hearings for either Foreign Nationals or Permanent Residents, who believed to be inadmissible or removable from Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.


Some of the reasons that a Foreign National or a Permanent Resident may have to Appear for an Admissibility Hearing are:

  • You failed in some way to comply with a Canadian Immigration Law
  • Are a security threat
  • Have violated human or international rights
  • Have been involved in crime or international crime
  • Have misrepresented yourself, such as, by presenting  false information
  • Are a family member of an Inadmissible Person
  • Have a Health Condition
  • Do not have enough money to support yourself

The judge will make her decision based on the information, evidence and testimony available to her at the Hearing.  

A finding that a person is inadmissible to Canada will result in issuance of a Removal Order. In some instances a Removal Order may be Appealed or it may be challenged by way of judicial review.

At the Admissibility Hearing, a judge will never consider Humanitarian and Compassionate reasons as to why you should not be issued a Removal Order. Before presenting your case, it is of an absolute importance to understand how the Officer of the Canada Border Service Agency arrive at the conclusion that you should be referred to an Admissibility Hearing. It is the validity of the claim against you that will determine weather a Removal Order should or should not be issued against you.  

Please contact our Firm if you have been ordered to Appear at an Admissibility Hearing, 


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